Synopsis of film

Chilean director Pablo Larraín and a French film crew came together to produce Jackie, a film that Larraín has taken to calling an anti-biopic.[1]  The film focuses not on the myth of the Kennedy’s but rather on the creation of the myth.  It is a unique blending of painstakingly detailed set and visuals with a fictionalized narrative of emotions that leaves the audience with a new layer of understanding as to who Jackie was. The film takes place through flashbacks during the November 29, 1963 interview of Jackie by Theadore H. White. The audience sees the February 14, 1962 White House Tour, the November 22, 1963 assassination of JFK, and the the funeral procession on November 25, 1963. All three days and the contentious interview are tethered through Natalie Portman’s unerring portrayal of Jackie’s contrasted emotional state and public persona.  

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Jackie Official Trailer. Searchlight Pictures , 2016.

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